Gender: Female

Birth date: 04/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


CLEO and JUNIOR are very friendly, outgoing kittens. They are bonded and need to be adopted as a pair.

CLEO (medium-haired, black) is the only girl in this litter with three brothers. She enjoys reminding her brothers that she's a princess. Cleo likes to sit regally, watching them wrestle at her feet. However, she also has no problem joining the tussle when the mood strikes her. Cleo's favorite game to play with Junior is hide and seek.

JUNIOR (medium-haired, brown and white tabby) is almost a mirror image of his mother. He was the first to be born and maintains his leadership status by being the quickest at learning new skills. Junior has a very active and curious mind. He is usually found exploring any new item he comes across.

These kittens will do well in a moderately active to active home where they will get plenty of playtime. They are use to older boys in their foster home who play with them. They have not been exposed to dogs or young children. Their mom was a stray cat who came into our care pregnant. Her four kittens, including Boots and Patches (posted separately), were born in our care. These precious kittens are now ready for home a home of their own.


PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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