Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 03/2019

Needs feline companion: No


CADY (pronounced like 'Katie') is a friendly, outgoing kitty. She is both curious and cuddly. Cady loves playing with toys but also enjoys cuddling in anyone's lap. She doesn't discriminate among laps! She is the ultimate lap cat and when she curls up in your lap, she is a floppy rag doll and purrs like a motor. We named her after a character in the Netflix show 'Longmire' – the character is a female redhead.

Cady is a petite kitty. At a little over 6 pounds, if she is indeed a full grown, year old cat, as estimated by our vet, she will always be a small cat. Cady's fluffy fur though gives the impression that she's a bigger cat. Cady is not afraid of strangers one bit. She is not, however, a fan of unexpected loud noises. She does run and hide from the vacuum cleaner. So introducing her to things that will be loud might ease her flight mentality. She is probably also still getting use to the new sounds in her foster home. Cady has a cute little squeaky meow she uses to get your attention.

Cady will do well in just about any type of home where she gets plenty of attention from people. She needs more than a one person home who is gone all day long. We haven't see her with dogs or kids, but she would likely do just fine with either if introduced and supervised properly.

If you’re looking for an easy going, sweet and loving cat, Cady is the one!

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