Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 03/2021

Needs feline companion: Yes


BRAMBLE and MISTY are adorable, moderately active tabby babies. They play with anything they can get their paws on. They like to play-fight each other, wrestling and chasing each other gleefully. Their names were borrowed from the Warrior Cats book series. They have distinct tabby markings – described below. They are the perfect combination of playful and cuddly. They are bonded and must be adopted as a pair.

BRAMBLE (brown/white tabby) is a dark brown tabby with the classic bulls-eye on his sides. He has a true boys face with strong features. He loves to explore and attacks his toys with all the gusto this little kitten can muster! Bramble loves string toys but also enjoys many of his other toys. He likes to sleep with the daughters in his foster home at night curled up on their bed. He also loves cuddling up and sleeping with his sister Misty. Bramble has the highest energy of the two kittens.

MISTY(brown tabby) has tabby spots and stripes with a very sweet and feminine face. The little stripe of white sugar on her face is the icing on the cake of her good looks! Misty is a very sweet little girl. Initially a little shy in her foster home, she is now outgoing with her foster family. Misty is energetic and does a great job keeping up with her brother. When she’s had enough of playing and wrestling with him, she takes a break and does her own thing. She likes to play with strings and attack her brother's tail when he's not paying attention. Misty loves being petted and gladly lays in your lap. At night she rolls up in a ball and sleeps right next to her foster family’s daughters, edging closer and closer to them as the night goes on.

These kittens will do well in any loving home that is quieter to moderately active. They are still getting used to their foster home. Sudden noises sometimes startle them a little but they get over it quickly. A home with adults would be fine, and they would do especially well with a family with older kids to keep them entertained.

These kittens came into our care from someone's home through one of our long-time volunteers. The family kept the mom and one of the kittens. They were born inside this family's home and came into SPCA's care at about 9 weeks of age.

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Slightly Active

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