Gender: Male

Birth date: 04/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


BOOTS and PATCHES are very friendly, loving kittens. They are usually found together, either showing off their wrestling skills or cuddled up together for a nap. They need to be adopted as a pair.

BOOTS is always ready for a party, dressed to the nines in his tuxedo. He loves to check out what everyone is doing, and comes running to see his foster mom when she wakes up in the morning. The most vocal of the kittens, Boots figured out that his cute little meows and chirps enable him to get extra attention! 

PATCHES is the sweetest little guy who no one can resist loving. He's a little shyer than his brother, but when he's happy, his loud purr can be heard a room away. Patches gets very excited to play with his brother, jumping around like a rabbit to pounce on him, and loves to play with jingle balls, batting them around until he's worn out. This little guy is the only one is the litter that was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) – a neurological condition that causes some coordination issues – he wobbles when he walks and sometimes falls down. As he is getting bigger, he is learning how to compensate for this condition caused by a distemper vaccination his mother was mistakenly given while she was pregnant. Patches has no idea that there's anything different about him, and he is usually found right in the thick of things with his brother. He has no issues getting in and out of the right kind of low sided litter box.

These boys need a quieter home they can settle into and stay put in the future. Meaning, a home that isn't expected to have frequent moves. Patches needs this type of stability in his home life.

–Their ideal home is with an older person or couple, or family with an older child.

–No babies or young kids down the road, or dogs.

–No stairs that Patches would have to navigate going up and down. Stairs into a basement that is closed off with a gate and door at the bottom, that he never uses, would be ok.

–Carpeting is best for Patches to grip onto when he walks, but hardwood floors with lots of rugs would be ok.

Their mom was a stray cat who came into our care pregnant. Her four kittens, including Cleo and Junior (posted separately), were born in our care. These precious kittens are now ready for a home of their own.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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Special needs information:

Patches has a neurological condition that causes him to wobble when he walks.