Gender: Female

Birth date: 01/2014

Needs feline companion: No

She is a sweetheart

BOO is a very sweet and beautiful kitty. She is a Siamese mix with unusual markings (spots, stripes and ticked fur) with with pretty blue eyes.

Boo is a calm and friendly kitty who enjoys keeping you company. She likes to sit by your side while you are reading or watching TV and snuggle next to you in bed at night. Boo has also become quite talkative – she talks to you and talks back when you speak to her. She is also moderately playful, responding to a feather wand if you wave it around or playing with a battery operated toy with a feather.

Boo seems to enjoy a quiet, calm environment. We think she would do just fine as the only pet in the home as long has her guardian spends plenty of time with her. We haven't seen her interact with other cats other than one quick encounter where she gently hissed at the cat to say "hey, this is my space." She may however co-exist just fine with another like-minded cat.

Boo does not do well in car rides – she gets nauseous. We have tried giving her anti-nausea medication before a trip to the vet or a new foster home with some improvement. However, she needs a home that would not require frequent traveling.

Boo came into our care from a local shelter. She was brought there by her caretaker who had lost her home. Sad for Boo, but we are glad to be able to give her a chance for a forever home.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Please see our adoption guidelines at  WWW.SPCANOVA.ORG .

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Moderately Active

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