Gender: Male

Birth date: 07/2022

Needs feline companion: Yes


Their Personalities

BonBon and JuniorMint are so precious. It's hard to put into words how sweet, loving, fun, affectionate and playful they are. Their siblings, Lollipop and JellyBelly (posted soon), are just as amazing. They are a bonded brother/sister pair who need to be adopted together.

BonBon is a big kitten! He's an adorable grey tabby, like his mom, Taffy (posted soon). He is the only male in a litter of four, bigger than his sisters. While he's playful and loves to chase, pounce on and wrestle with his sisters, he's a big love bug. When BonBon is done playing, he looks for his sisters or his foster mom to snuggle up with for a nice long nap. He's most likely going to be a lap cat as he grows up.

JuniorMint is a tad bit bigger than her sisters, so we have paired her up with big brother, BonBon. She is a brown tabby, like her dad, Gumdrop (posted soon). JuniorMint is bold and playful and hasn't had any issues keeping up and wrestling with her brother. She, too, loves to cuddle up and turn on her loud purr motor with you when she is done playing.

Type of Home They Need

BonBon and JuniorMint need a relatively quiet home. They were fully acclimated to their foster mom in a large furnished basement with their mom, Taffy. Once moved to a new foster home, they have been a little shy getting use to new people. They are still very young and learning how to adapt to new people in new space. They need a person, couple or family to shower them with love and affection. They haven't been exposed to kids but they would do fine with OLDER KIDS who are gentle and know how to play calmly with kittens.

Where They Came From

These kittens, along with their siblings and mom and dad, came into our care when their caretaker developed a serious illness and couldn't care for them any longer. They were just 3 1/2 weeks old…walking but wobbly. They have known nothing but love and affection their whole lives and are ready for a home of their own.

PLEASE NOTE:  we only adopt to residents of the DC metro area, which includes DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in MD, and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties in VA.

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Home Environment:

Slightly Active

OK with dogs:


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