Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 07/2022

Needs feline companion: Yes


Their Personalities

BonBon and JuniorMint are friendly and loving kitties. They love each other as much as they love people. They like to chase and wrestle with each other, and watch YouTube videos of mice and birds on TV. Boxes and covered beds are their favorite places to cuddle with each other. They also want to be in the middle of what you are doing and sleep in your bed at night – they are very social kitties. These are learning clicker training and so far have mastered "sit, off and up." They are bonded kitties who need to be adopted together.

BonBon is a BIG, sweet boy who likes to sit beside you for petting and cuddling. He is brave and adventurous, and likes greeting visitors. BonBon has bursts of energy, but overall, he is a chill cat. He likes to observe things and think about his next move before proceeding on his next adventure. Bonbon is not very vocal, but calls out if he’s looking for his sister or foster mom. He LOVES watching cat TV with birds, squirrels and other small animals to stimulate his interest and hunting/playing instincts.

JuniorMint is a vivacious, spunky and curious kitty – sneaking around and pouncing on unsuspecting targets. She is always plotting something and BonBon is her amenable sidekick. She loves to play with a laser pointer and wand toy, and her favorite toy is a skunk with bells. JM enjoys relaxing with her foster mom but likes a little more personal space than BonBon. She is very sweet and playful with her brother, and lets him kick her out of their favorite igloo bed without a fuss. Like BonBon, she is not very vocal, but calls out if she finds herself alone. JuniorMint has more energy and needs more interactive play than her brother.

Type of Home They Need

BonBon and JuniorMint are confident kitties who do well in a variety of home environments. They adjust quickly to new surroundings and new people. They would thrive in a home with more than one person – a couple or a family with older kids. They are use to having people around – their foster mom works from home. They are healthy kitties but on a prescription gastrointestional diet for sensitive stomachs.

Where They Came From

BonBon and JuniorMint came into our care from their caretaker's home when the woman was hospitalized and no longer able to care for them. They have known nothing but love and affection and are ready to have another home to call their own.

Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:


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