Gender: Male

Birth date: 07/2022

Needs feline companion: Yes


Their Personalities

BonBon and JuniorMint are friendly and loving with each other and people. They like to spend time chasing and wrestling with each other and watching YouTube videos of mice and birds on TV. Boxes and covered beds are their favorite places to cuddle, but they also like to sit on top of a cat tree. They are learning clicker training and so far mastering "sit, off and up." They are bonded kitties who need to be adopted together.

BonBon is a BIG, sweet boy. He is very friendly – he likes to sit beside you and greet new people. BonBon is brave and adventurous and eagerly explores new places. He has bursts of energy playing with his sister, but overall, he is a chill cat. He is not very vocal, but calls out if he’s looking for his sister or foster mom. Bonbon is a special kitties in another way – he has slight neurological issues most likely due to too much fluid in part of his brain (called hydrocephalus). He has a dome-shaped forehead and minor issues with balance and depth perception which make him clumsier than most cats. When introduced to new surroundings, or furniture is moved, he may initially have difficulty perceiving where to land when jumping. This condition doesn’t interfere much with his mobility (he has perfect manners in the litter box) or quality of life. After giving BonBon time to grow up in our care, and to be examined by a neurologist, his condition appears to be stable and not expected to change much over time.

JuniorMint is vivacious and spunky, sneaking around and pouncing on unsuspecting targets. She always seems to be plotting something, and BonBon is her amenable sidekick. She loves to play with a laser pointer and wand toy, and her favorite toy is a skunk with bells. Like Bonbon, she enjoys relaxing with her foster mom, but generally likes a little more personal space. JuniorMint is a bit shyer than BonBon, but still exceptionally friendly. She’s very sweet and playful with her brother, and lets him kick her out of their favorite igloo bed without a fuss. Like BonBon, she is not very vocal, but calls out if she finds herself alone in a room. While she and BonBon enjoy playing together,  JuniorMint has more energy and needs more interactive play. She is extremely curious and frequently involves herself in whatever her foster mom is up to.

Type of Home They Need

BonBon and JuniorMint are confident kitties who will do well in a variety of home environments. They are not shy and aren't phased by people coming and going. They will do well in a home with a single person (if this person is home a lot), with a couple or a family with an older child who will play with them. We haven't seen Bonbon try to navigate stairs, but he would most likely do fine if the steps are carpeted where he can grip the carpet with his claws if needed.

Where They Came From

BonBon and JuniorMint came into our care, along with their two siblings (adopted) and their mom and dad (Taffy and Gumdrop), after their caretaker developed a serious illness and couldn't care for them any longer. They were just 3 1/2 weeks old…walking but wobbly. We have held Bonbon and Taffy back from adoption so we could monitor Bonbon's condition as he got bigger to make sure we understood whether he had any limitations or needed special accommodations.

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Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:


OK with kids:


Needs a foster:


Special needs information:

BonBon has slight neurological issues affecting his balance