Gender: Female

Birth date: 04/2022

Needs feline companion: No


Bluebell's Personality

Bluebell is a gorgeous blue-grey kitten with the softest fur – like a bunny rabbit. Pet her and she rewards you with a big, loud purr. She even likes belly rubs. Bluebell loves to cuddle at night and in the early mornings. She often sleeps with her head on your pillow at night and stays asleep until early morning when she is ready for breakfast.

Bluebell is good at playing independently and plays with just about any toy you give her. While she is generally moderately playful, don't let this demeanor fool you. Bluebell is high energy late mornings when she gets the zoomies – she loves running up and down the stairs like something is chasing her. When she is done playing, Bluebell finds a nice cozy hiding spot to nap for the afternoon.

We haven't seen Bluebell interact with other cats, but we think she would benefit by having a sweet, moderately playful girl kitty to bond and play with. She could, however, be a single kitty in the right home environment.

What Type of Home Bluebell Needs

Bluebell needs a home where she will get plenty of love and affection. She would do great in a home with a single person who is home a lot, with a couple, or a family with an older child that is compatible with her demeanor. A home with a like-minded female kitty who needs a buddy would be a plus.

Where Bluebell Came From

Bluebell was a stray kitty found outdoors by a kind man in his backyard. She was hungry and ready for someone to give her a safe haven indoors. Now in our care, this sweet girl is looking for a home of her own.

PLEASE NOTE:  we only adopt to residents of the DC metro area, which includes DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in MD, and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties in VA.

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Home Environment:

Moderately Active

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