Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 10/2015

Needs feline companion:


Note: Blue's foster mom will be doing extensive traveling in August. So this sweet boy either needs to be adopted or moved to another foster home before then. Will you consider fostering him if he's not adopted before then? He's a great candidate to foster with the potential to adopt.

Blue's Personality

Blue is a big sweet boy who loves, loves, loves to snuggle in your lap. He responds to being petted and brushed by purring loud and long! Blue is a confident kitty who likes to explore new surroundings then choose his favorite spot to hang out.

Blue is full of personality and a very vocal boy. He's also very playful – they way he dribbles a toy ball, Blue could be a champion soccer player! He also likes batting a ball on a string like a tetherball and wrestling with catnip-packed toys. But most of all, Blue loves a nice lap to curl up in where he can feel warm and loved.

Blue is a social eater who sometimes wants you to pet him before he eats while he's siting at his food bowl. When you do this, he fills the room with his loud purring. This big boy is very food motivated – he will let you know when its time for his meals. Blue needs carefully portioned quality low calorie food provided in smaller meals a few times a day (3 to 4 times per day is ideal).

What Type of Home Blue Needs

Blue needs a home with more than one person where people are around to keep him company. He will not do well in a single person home or where people are rarely home. He needs some activity around him and having more than one person in the household will help keep him entertained. Blue will do best in an adult-only home, but would do fine with an older cat-savvy child (about 10 yrs or older). NO young children now or in the future. He apparently doesn't do well with dogs, but is fine with other cats. While he may do great with the right cat buddy, if having another cat means this would interfere with the type of food he eats or providing carefully portioned meals, then its best that Blue be a single kitty.

Where Blue Came From

Blue was transferred to SPCA NOVA's care from a shelter. He had been surrendered to the shelter because he and the resident dog apparently didn't get along. So sad this sweet boy was uprooted from his home but we know there is another wonderful home out there waiting for him!

Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:


OK with kids:


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