Gender: Female

Birth date: 04/2019

Needs feline companion: Yes


BLACKBIRD and MOUSE are VERY active, sweet kittens. They love to play with their toys and wrestle with each other. They also love attention from their foster family, but are sometimes just too busy playing to cuddle. They are from two separate litters, but have been together since they were tiny kittens just weeks old. Blackbird and Mouse love and depend on each other and need to be adopted together.

BLACKBIRD (black, short-haired) is VERY adventurous and has no filter for fear! She is the first to run through a door when it is opened. She wants to explore and get into EVERYTHING. She is pretty good at playing soccer with her little balls and loves wrestling with her 'brother,' Mouse. Blackbird also also starts purring as soon as she is picked up, and likes to kiss her foster mom's face.

MOUSE (grey tabby, short-haired) was initially smaller than Blackbird, but recently passed her in weight. He is affectionately called 'Squeaker Mouse' because he has a lot to say and has a squeaky little meow. Mouse is very friendly and playful, but not nearly as fearless as Blackbird. Mouse likes to cuddle in his foster mother's lap when he is tired from playing with his 'sister', Blackbird, and all their toys.

Blackbird came into our care from a local shelter the day after she was born there surprising shelter staff! Her mom, Charlotte, had just arrived and didn't appear pregnant since she only had one kitten. Mouse came into our care from a different shelter after being found outdoors as a single, orphaned kitten. Charlotte and Blackbird immediately welcomed Mouse into their little family – he was only 8 ounces at the time (Blackbird was 13 ounces). Such an amazingly story of this family. (Charlotte is posted separately).

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