Gender: Male

Birth date: 05/2022

Needs feline companion: Yes


Beavis and Tommy's Personalities

These boys are sweet and a little shy. Once they warm up to new people, they love getting attention and show their energetic, playful sides. They love to play with toys, chase each other and find fun places to hide. Other pastimes include watching birds and squirrels through windows and curling up together when napping. Beavis and Tommy love to be in your presence, following their foster mom around the house, and sleeping on their foster parents' bed at night. These boys are bonded and need to be adopted together.

Beavis (orange tabby, short-haired) is curious and likes exploring new places. He loves to be petted and likes being held. A favorite pastime is when his foster mom holds him and they look out the window together. Sometimes when his foster mom is reading or watching TV, Beavis likes to curl up right next to her. Otherwise, he naps elsewhere in the same room.

Tommy (black, long-haired) is very playful and gets the zoomies two or three times a day. He likes to zip around or roll around with toys when he's in a zoomie mood. Tommy loves being petted, but interestingly, asks to be petted mostly when he has positioned himself in a spot he has chosen – he has "designated" a couple of chairs as "his" spots. If he wants to be petted, he runs to one of these chairs, jumps up then lays down and waits patiently to be petted. So cute!

What Type of Home They Need

Beavis and Tommy need a relatively quiet forever home with caretakers who understand they will need a little time to adapt to new people in a new home. They need a home with adults only or a home with an older cat-savvy child would be fine as well. No babies or young children, or dogs, in the future.

Where They Came From

Beavis and Tommy were born outdoors and lived their first few months in a colony of cats being cared for in someone's backyard. They came into SPCA's care with their two sisters, Frances and Chicha, and their mom, Florence (all adopted).

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Home Environment:

Slightly Active

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