Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 05/2018

Needs feline companion: No


BARBIE is a sweet, quiet and affectionate kitty. She adores human affection and showers you with love right back. Barbie likes to be with her foster parents…following them around in the morning. She is curious and wants to see what's happening and hoping for some petting. Barbie purrs and rolls around in ecstasy as you pet her. She is also happy to hang out on the couch next to you while you are watching TV or working on the computer.

One of Barbie's favorite activities is looking out the window from her cat tower watching the birds go by. You can also find her on the window sill looking for other activities outdoors. She also likes to bat around her string toy and toss toy mice up in the air. Evening time is when she really comes alive and likes to play the most!

When Barbie is ready for a nap, she likes to find a cozy spot to be alone. She has only been in our care for a very short period of time. Barbie was shy only for the first couple of hours, then she began to explore and adapted quickly to her foster parents. Barbie is still a little timid when she hears loud noises or there are sudden movements. This could mean that she is still getting use to her surroundings, or that's she just a bit timid with unexpected things happening around her.

So right now, we think Barbie needs an adult-only home, or a quiet family with an older child would be fine too. No babies or young children down the road. Barbie initially came from a home with too many cats to care for. She was surrendered to a rescue organization with her mom and a new litter of kittens, and Barbie herself was pregnant. She had lived for the past year in a beautiful cattery where cats are not in cages, have plenty of room to roam around, and watch the outdoors from a screened in porch. Barbie seems happy as a single kitty where she is getting lots of attention. Although she may do just fine in a forever home with one other like-minded kitty.

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Slightly Active

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