Gender: Female

Birth date: 06/2021

Needs feline companion: Yes


Note: Baby Princess needs an experienced cat caretaker who can manage her daily care.

Baby Princess's Personality

Baby Princess is a tiny girl with fluffy soft grey fur and HUGE round eyes. She is a feisty, high energy kitty who loves playing as much as snuggling with her foster family. Princess's favorite place is on your lap or shoulders. Her spirit and strong will have helped Princess overcome many challenges, and her happy disposition impresses everyone. 

Baby Princess is a great little hunter who loves to carry toy mice around and chase balls. She also loves playing with and chasing her kitty buddy, Spooky. When they aren't playing, they are often cuddled up together for a nap. Princess is very well behaved with the 6 year old boy in her foster home and lets him pick her up and carry her around. Princess also did very well with the family's senior dog who recently passed away.

Princess is special needs due to her chronic rhinitis (nasal inflammation). As a tiny kitten, she had chronic upper respiratory infections which led to scar tissue in her nasal passage. She may also have environmental allergies which further inflame her condition (she seems to be especially sensitive to dust – so sweeping floors and vacuuming often is needed). Princess also has food allergies which requires prescription food. SPCA has done extensive testing and tried various treatments. Her rhinitis and allergies are stable, but require daily care. She currently gets saline drops in her nose followed by suction with an electric nasal aspirator (designed for infants). Princess also gets probiotics, immune system supplements, an antihistamine (Cerenia) and eats prescription food (Hills ZD dry food, Royal Canin rabbit canned food). Amazingly, Princess's conditions don't slow her down one bit. She is such a happy little camper!

What Type of Home Princess Needs

Baby Princess could fit into just about any home – quiet or active – as long as her caretaker has the time, experience and financial resources to continue her care. However, a more active home with more than one person and tons of toys and a friendly kitty friend will make her happiest. She needs to have people around – someone who works from home would be ideal – to give her a lot of snuggles and attention. Princess has a tendency to chew on plastic bags and small objects – sometimes swallowing them. So very careful kitten proofing is needed.

Where Baby Princess Came From

Princess was rescued from outdoors as young kitten found on the side of a road in rural Virginia. She was tiny – just 3 weeks old when rescued and needed to be bottle fed. Princess was initially taken to a rural Virginia shelter then transferred to a small rescue organization then later transferred to SPCA's care.

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Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:


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Special needs information:

Needs experienced cat caretaker who can manage her special needs