Gender: Female

Birth date: 07/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


AURORA and LUNA are adorable siblings who have a special bond. They need to be adopted as a pair.

AURORA is a beautiful Siamese-mix like her cousin, Jupiter (adopted). She has a very faint tabby pattern in her fur that might get darker as she gets older. Aurora is named after the Roman goddess of the dawn. She likes waking her foster 'sister' (a teenage girl) up every morning with tiny cuddles, huge rumbling purrs, and magical kitty kisses. She loves to sleep in her foster's bed and is a sound sleeper. Aurora is super confident, lovable, and always happy to meet new people. She is equally comfortable wrestling with her sister, Luna, or snuggling with her brother, Orion (posted separately). When Aurora wants affection, she demands affection and this is so adorable! Who could say NO to this little feline goddess?

LUNA was named after the moon – the waxing and waning of light and darkness. One moment she is actively wrestling her sister or chasing a toy, and the next, it is time for a serious cat nap. At bedtime she sleeps on a blanket under her foster’s bed, but for naps she loves to snuggle next to her foster. Luna has a ridiculously loud purr and an assertive meow when she wants something. You will be 'over the moon' with love for her. This precious tuxedo girl has extremely silky fur and white mittens on her front feet, but the little slash of white on her nose.

These girls do well in a quieter to moderately active home. Their foster family has a teenage girl and the girls are use to their foster family being around during the day – working from home or virtual schooling. However, a family that works outside the home is fine too as long as the kittens' alone time with family out of the home during the day isn't longer than than a typical 8 eight hour work day. They would love to have a family that has older, well-behaved kids.

Aurora and Luna (and their brother, Orion) were born in a kind elderly man's home after he brought several female cats, including two pregnant ones, into his apartment to save them from being poisoned. With so many cats to care for, this man asked for help rehoming some of them.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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