Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 01/2016

Needs feline companion: No


AMBER is an adorable, long-haired tortoiseshell. She is very friendly and wants nothing more than hanging out with people and being petted and loved. Amber is not shy one bit. She greets everyone she meets with a big hello asking you to pet her all over. While Amber is a special needs kitty with a neurological condition (see below), this doesn't stop her from enjoying life.

Amber's brother, Duncan (posted separately), is also looking for a new home. We are currently evaluating whether they should be adopted together or can be adopted separately. We don't believe they are especially bonded. But whether they stay together will depend on their potential home or homes. They are both very social cats. They need human affection and aren't use to being alone – without a caretaker or other cats in the home.

Amber is use to living in a single caretaker's home with her brother, Duncan, and two other cats, Trudi and Taylor (posted separately). When Amber's caretaker passed away, her pet sitter and long time SPCA volunteer, asked for our help finding Amber and the other cats new homes.

Amber is a special needs kitty. She has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) which can affect the offspring of a pregnant cat that is given distemper vaccination or becomes sick with panleukopenia while pregnant. Cats can do amazingly well while having this condition because they learn how to compensate overtime. Amber is very wobbly when she walks and sometimes falls down. But this doesn’t deter her one bit from loving life. When Amber is sitting or lying down, you wouldn’t even know she has this condition. She uses her litter box.

To make life easier for Amber, its best if her new home has carpeting so she can grip herself better when walking. A home with hardwood floors and lots of rugs would be ok. It would also be best if her new home didn't have stairs she would have to go up and down on a regular basis, even though she is able to do this.

Amber is such a sweet, affectionate girl. She just needs a new home where she is loved despite her neurological condition.

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Special needs information:

Amber has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia causing him to wobble when he walks